Compliments of Jeter's Old World Antiques, Angleton, TX. 77515

Vintage Revival

18073 upper bay road, nassau bay, tx 77058   281-331-1860  www.vintagerevival, tx

Mon- Sat 10-5

Farmers Market every Saturday 10-2

A must visit place as you pass by the Johnson Space Center-small town general store sort of place, right in the heart of the big city!  Vintage Revival is open every weekday, and on Saturday mornings you can buy gifts and groceries in a single stop!

The Corner store- a whole new meaning!

Ticked away in the corner of an ordinary looking strip mall in front of the Johnson Space Center, Vintage Revival, once inside, is a step back in time,  Jam packed with gift and decorator items, the tiny space is warm, inviting, and cozy...a place to hang out and slowly browse through thousands of items and no duplication.  Crystal chandeliers hang from the ceiling; collectible glassware is pleasantly arranged; vintage jewelry lines the counter.


Larger than meets the eye, there are 3 rooms, each with a distinct personality...nostalgic Christmas ornaments hang from a 1950s aluminum tree.... Clothing styles dating back to the 40s and 50s hang in the back room.  Vintage Finds is the small town store that you would not expect to find in the big city, yet here it is, less than one block from high technology and high traffic  Stop in - it is a pleasant break from the fast paced lifestyle we live today!

Wander in and Wander the people and stay a while...welcome home!