Compliments of Jeter's Old World Antiques, Angleton, TX. 77515

Farmhouse Salvage

Brazoria County's premier source for Vintage architectural metalwork

Not your average antique store or resale shop, Farmhouse Salvage is true to its name...your first impression will be total shock...inside, you are suddenly in the center of a world a century ago.

It is a design masterpiece...the restroom resembles a tumble down frame house within a house--a building within

a building. Bedroom furniture and accessories are displayed in a bedroom complete with beaded ceiling, iron bed and vintage have a feeling of  standing in the middle of a room lighted by a chandelier and oil lamps. Visiting Farmhouse Salvage is more like walking through a living museum than shopping in a store...You don't visit Farmhouse Salvage, you experience it! 

Looking for old faucets, nails, sinks, lumber, screens or doors?  Check out Farmhouse Salvage!

106 S Brooks St, Brazoria, TX 77422                   (979) 798-5300        

Thurs-Sat 9:30-5:30